Additive for lightweight oilwell cements

Advantages of using lightweight oilwell cements with microspheres

Low-density. Makes it possible to reduce the proportion of cement mortar to 1.25-1.3 g/cm3 (for traditional lightweight gel-cement slurry 1,52-1,54 g/cm3), and as a consequence: reducing repression on the producing formation, reducing penetration of the filtrate into a productive formation zone, providing a predetermined height of the cement.

Low shrinkage. Makes improving communication of the formation with the well casing pipes.

Easy mixing. Lightweight tamping can be prepared directly on the rig, mixing cenospheres with cement dry. This may be any standard mixer.

Economy. Reduce costs by eliminating the two-stage cementing technology and reduce the time of well construction.

The technology of using cenospheres for lightweight oilwell cements has long been known in the world, but until recently, its widespread using was limited due to the high prices of artificial cenospheres offered by European manufacturers. Offered by us aluminosilicate microspheres are a byproduct formed during the combustion of coal, and the price is much lower than their artificial analogues.

Today many leading Russian oil and gas companies have already switched to using lightweight oilwell cements with our cenospheres. For 14 years only on the territory of the Russian Federation has been cemented more than 6 thousands wells.

Their experience shows that the use of this technology provides a double positive effect: reducing capital costs while improving the quality of cementing.

Specifically for this target market, we offer our new development: cenospheres grade ASPM-C reinforced with carbon nanotubes. This product allows the use of cements, facilitated with cenospheres for cementing deep oil and gas wells.